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For a detailed overview of how Termidor works, click here. Termidor treatments aren’t suitable for all properties. The most effective termite treatment for slab homes without a doubt is a chemical barrier. We use and recommend Termidor as it provides 8 year protection for your home. If you live in a split level home, Termidor won’t be the best solution as we won’t be able to create a barrier around the entire property, which is what the system requires to be effective (air cooler).

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For split level homes, we recommend using a system called termite baiting. The Exterra Bait system we use are designed to eliminate termites by attracting them into stations where they feed on the bait. Stations are installed in the ground at regular intervals around the house. Termite bait is irresistible to them because it’s full of cellulose – the material they feed on in timber.

Termites molt three to seven times a year depending on the species, and this product interferes with their ability to form a new exoskeleton. Ultimately, over a short period, you eventually eliminate the entire colony. Here’s why you should work with us – Unbeatable onsite service and full communication We are licensed, fully trained and insured We are recommended by leading banks and conveyancers Qualified timber pest inspectors (Cert 3 – Pest management technical) Since 2006, we’ve performed thousands of termite treatment and prevention systems for happy customers right across SE Queensland If you’re concerned about termites in your home, then give us a call.

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are fast acting, typically controlling termites within a couple of weeks. However, success is dependent on making sure enough of the termites get exposed to the dust ([&set]). Even though the dust is transferred between termites to magnify the effect, it still requires enough of the termites to receive a dose.

have similar performance benefits and drawbacks to termite dusts. However, termite foams are a better option for humid or wet areas where dusts can clump and become less effective. They are also a good option for larger area treatments such as wall voids - air cooler. are the only proven method to eliminate termites from the building and destroy the nest.

It needs to be slow acting as it has to be spread around the colony before it starts to have an effect. Once they have taken enough bait, the elimination of the nest is guaranteed, but it often take several months to complete the job - [&set]. On the plus side the nest won’t return to try and attack your home again! Which termite products are used will depend on the species of termite present, the size of the infestation and the access to suitable areas to treat.

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The best termite treatments deal with infestations at the place of origin. Unlike termite sprays, full termite treatments involve treating the insides of walls, underneath a home’s foundation, the soil around the perimeter of the home and more. Treatments for significant infestations will completely exterminate your home of termites, and keep them from returning.

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If your home is too new to have rotting wood, termites can still find their way in; however, a spot treatment will be sufficient. Spot treatments are localized to an area of infestation. They are cheaper and quicker than full treatments and can be easily administered without a professional’s help.

This article explores the differences and benefits to the six best long-term, full termite treatment options available. But first, let’s run through the basics… Termites have basically evolved from cockroaches. There are over 3,000 known species of termites with more discovered every year. A termite colony consists of two hierarchies: fertile and infertile.

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Fertile males are called Kings and every colony has at least one, but possibly two fertile females called queens. As with ants or bees, the colony can only be destroyed by killing the queen ([&set]). Though hated by homeowners, termites are essential for the ecosystem. They perform the decomposition and composting of dead and rotting vegetation.

Termites process natural waste and produce soluble nutrient for the land. That being said, termites will eat your home up one side and down the other if they find it. Termites reproduce compulsively and continuously. The colony is constantly growing in numbers. In a span of three to four decades, termite colonies can grow to be over a million strong.

Worse still, it doesn’t take a million termites to destroy a home - [&set]. All it takes is a young colony of a few hundred termites to start chipping away at the integrity of your home’s supporting beams and floorboards. If you are worried about a possible infestation, use this checklist to assess the problem.